Reliable & Pure Drinking Water From the Air Everyday

Independently Sourced Pure Water From the Air

Get local, off-grid, premium water from anywhere.

True Freedom From Droughts

Our technology allows anyone – including you – to have the ability to create your own pure water, on the spot, where you live.

Healthy Water Without Compromise

AquaViable provides safe and usable water for drinking and more with five stages of purification and two stages of UV sterilization.
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Why AquaViable?


By providing the tools for you to make the purest quality water on Earth, where you are, AquaViable markedly improves your health and that of your community.


No need to worry about what is actually in your water, or from where it originates. Be your own source for safe, quality water.


Have security in your water source. Enjoy freedom from concerns about water sourcing and safety.


Free yourself from plastic bottles and poor quality water sourced from hundreds of miles away.


Become your own water source. No more dwindling water supply, delivery trucks, or begging neighborhood communities for their water allocations.

Our Products

Create your own pure water, on the spot, wherever you may be
Gen-M product from Aquaviable

Introducing the GEN-M Pro

  • Produces up to 200 Gallons of pure drinking water per day
  • Perfect for a whole home off-grid water system
  • Solar Ready: Renewable Energy Options Available
  • Make and store your own water with our Irrigation and Storage Solutions Available
AquaViable AV-900 Atmospheric Water Generator

Introducing the Watergen GEN-L

  • Produces up to 1,300 Gallons of premium water each day
  • Solar Ready: Renewable Energy Solutions Available
  • Local Reliable Water Supply: Irrigation and Storage Solutions Available
  • Scalable and Modular Design to quickly meet Municipal Demands
Make Water, Don’t Take Water®!