Convenience – Save time and space by having your own supply of premium quality hormone-free drinking water right at home. With AquaViable: no more dealing with environmentally harmful plastic bottles or truck deliveries; no more of your time and effort being wasted on getting poor quality drinking water for you and your family.

You cannot get more convenient than with AquaViable. Make pure premium quality drinking water from the air, on the spot, without any outside water supply connection. The air is free of any toxic metals, pharmaceutical residues, endocrine disruptors, hormones, and contaminants found in bottled, filtered, and tap water sources.

Independently Healthy Convenience with AquaViable

Health, Independence, Security, Environment, and Convenience

Introducing the AV-5

Filtration System

Four-Stage Purification with an additional Two Stage UV Sterilization

Production Capacity

The AV-5 produces up to 5 Gallons of delicious drinking water each day.

Storage Capacity

5 Gallon Internal Storage