Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does it make?

The home/office machines make about 5 gallons a day, without any outside water source. That is the amount of water in those large delivery water bottles. Every day. Our systems are also scalable – the bigger machines can make many more gallons per day (900+).

How much water does it store?

The AV-5 stores and cycles 3.4 gallons of fresh water. The water is replenished anew as soon as even one cup is taken out, so you have the freshest drinking water – Perpetually, and without doing a thing.

How does the machine make water from air?

The same way a cold glass of ice water (cold beverage) gets water droplets on the outside – condensation.

This is also how clouds form and drop water when the water vapor naturally in the air [through evaporation] cools down – condensation.

We force that to happen even more quickly inside the machine. This “new” water is more pure than water from rain or springs, because the water created is not exposed to the elements, does not touch the ground, and it is kept clean from the first drop.

More common examples you have likely seen of this water creation?: Dew on the ground in the morning, foggy windows, water trays in dehumidifier machines, leaking refrigerators, etc.

What about pollution in the air?

First: The air we are breathing is many times cleaner than water that flows through pipes, aqueducts, or is sitting in a sistern, reservoir, or lake. Second: Your machine purifies the clean water you’ve created even further with a premium level filter system (like what people put in under-sink systems). Our system has 7 layers, including two UV lights to kill viruses, and your water comes out 10 times more pure than most prestigious bottled drinking waters.

How often do you need to replace filters?

Our premium filter systems often only have to be changed out every 2-4 years, compared to under-sink systems that make money by changing out filters every 3-6 months. What you start with from the air is so much cleaner than water piped in and (mis)treated from sometimes thousands of miles away, so those under sink systems are working much harder – under sink filters cannot get everything out, and if they are not changed often even more impurities get through.

How much electricity does it use?

The electricity cost depends on your cost per kilowatt. It takes approximately 1 kilowatt to make 1 gallon of your own pure water. That comes out to between 7-17 pennies/cents per gallon, depending on your power source/company. We also encourage solar and wind power, and have affiliates to refer you to if interested. It is much less than $1 to make 5 gallons from your own machine in most areas of the world. This light electric use actually reduces the environmental footprint – No plastic pollution, no freighters or ports, no chemical treatments or power hungry treatment plants, and no fumes from deliveries.

It costs pennies to make pure water that is more premium than what you may spend many dollars per gallon on at the store, in bottles you must transport, but with AquaViable you get your own water right at your location. Drink as much as you want, on the spot.

Why doesn’t everyone have this?

Because they do not know about it yet, and don’t even know that better water is possible. You have the power to be Independently Healthy® with pure water for life. You can show that to your friends and family, and help get everyone off the unhealthy water grid. Be a part of the Personal Water Revolution™!

Does it have a warranty?

AquaViable gives you a COMPLETE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for two weeks, and a warranty beyond that for a year. That warranty can be extended to 3-5 years through our warranty affiliate. These machines should last as long as a good refrigerator – they have similar components but less moving parts or complications (and so will likely last even longer). Under our money-back guarantee just tell us you want us to pick up your machine within the first two weeks, for any reason or no reason at all, and you will get every cent of your money back. No delivery charges, no “restocking charge”, etc., and no hard feelings – We appreciate you giving being INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY® a try. Why? Because we know this is the best way to get pure INDEPENDENT premium drinking water – No other way (and no other person) can compete with it. You understandably need to have one to try it, and then you will love it and share it with your friends and family. It is THE way drinking water will be done in the 21st Century, and you are on the cutting edge of it for pennies a day. You will not be able to help but bring others to this realization, and we appreciate your word of mouth.

How much humidity does it need?

AquaViable machines produce efficiently with as low as 30% humidity. Of course, the higher the humidity the better, but it produces very well even in semi-arid environments during certain times of the day! And once AquaViable storage tanks are full, the machine only needs to turn on when someone uses water from it, so it is truly a perpetual water source.

Where do you put it?

Anywhere you want, indoors or out, so long as it is not in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Most people put it in the kitchen, but many put it in their hallway, exercise room, living areas, or garage. Wherever you want to drink the most water.

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