Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does it make?

Your atmospheric water generation levels depend on the model you have purchased. For our home/office AV-5 Water Generator, you can expect to make about 5 gallons a day without any outside water source. With our medium sized, Watergen GEN-M Pro you can expect to make about 200 gallons a day and you can expect to make around 1,300 gallons a day with the Watergen GEN-L unit.

How much water does it store?

All of our units have a variety of water storage capabilities. However, with the right setup you can attain any level of water storage pertaining to your needs, including the use of auxiliary tanks.

How does the machine make water from air?

Our technology mimics one of nature’s most profound processes for life, condensation.

Just like the outside of a glass of ice water gets wet with water droplets or a cloud condenses down to produce raindrops, condensation is a process we see everywhere.

We accelerate this natural process of condensation to produce water inside our machines . This “new” water sourced from the air is purer than any other because it is not exposed to elements, does not touch the ground, and is kept clean from the first drop.

What about pollution in the air?

Pollution is not something you need to be concerned about for a few reasons.

First, the air we breathe is already many times cleaner than any water flowing through pipes, aqueducts or being pulled from a reservoir or well that touches the ground and other various piping.

Second, our technology first purifies the water created to levels not offered by any other water provider available today. We do this with our premium filter system which has 7 layers of filtration and UV lights that kill off any lingering viruses.

What this means is you get to enjoy water that is truly 10 times purer than the most prestigious brand of bottled drinking water. Everyday. From your home.

How often do you need to replace filters?

Our premium filter systems typically only require replacement every 3 years, and are designed to accept “off the shelf” components, making them more cost effective than existing filtration systems.

Conventional systems rely on water that’s often mistreated and piped in from thousands of miles away. Those filters are taxed harder by sediments and impurities which eventually seep through when the filter is not changed often enough.

In contrast, by condensing water vapor from the air, our filters work smarter not harder, producing much cleaner water with much lower maintenance.

How much electricity does it use?

Our systems are designed to produce the purest water possible with minimal impact to the environment and your budget. Both our Watergen Gen-M Pro and Watergen Gen-L models have a water generation efficiency that requires less than 350Wh per liter.

Our use of electricity to generate water actually reduces the overall environmental footprint of producing pure drinking water. This is especially true when paired with renewables. – No plastic pollution, no freighters or ports, no chemical treatments or power hungry treatment plants, and no fumes from deliveries.

The result is the purest water available right where it’s needed, when it’s needed, without all of the waste, emissions, and pollution associated with water you find in your tap or the grocery store. Drink as much as you want, without guilt, on the spot.

Watergen Gen-M Pro

Water Generation CapacityUp to 211 gallons / 800 liters/day
Water Generation Efficiency350Wh/liter
Max Power Consumption~5.6 kWh – 208V, 3-phase, 60/50 Hz

Watergen Gen-L

Water Generation CapacityUp to 1,300 gallons/5,000 liters a day
Water Generation Efficiency350Wh/liter
Max Power Consumption~60kWh – 400/480V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Why doesn’t everyone have this?

Because they don’t know about it yet, and don’t even know that better water is possible. You have the power to be Independently Healthy® with pure water for life. Be part of The Personal Water Revolution™ with technology that protects both communities and the environment and help get everyone off the unhealthy water grid.

Does it have a warranty?

AquaViable offers the industry standard (5) year full warranty on all equipment and product; with additional options to extend with full service and routine maintenance options available.

How much humidity does it need?

AquaViable machines produce efficiently with as low as 30% humidity. Of course, the higher the humidity the better, but it produces very well even in semi-arid environments during certain times of the day! And once AquaViable storage tanks are full, the machine only needs to turn on when someone uses water from it, so it is truly a perpetual water source.

What if I don’t use the full amount of water produced in a day? Will it overflow?

No, once the storage tanks are full, the machine will stop producing more water and instead will maintain what is currently in the tank. Once someone removes water from the storage tank, it will then start up again to fill in what is missing. This is what makes AquaViable a truly perpetual water source.