Independently Healthy®

AquaViable’s products work much the way that clouds do, condensing the humidity found in the air to create the most pure water source available, on the spot, without any outside water supply connection.

Our products make the most pure source of water available with minimum treatment because the air is free of any toxic metals, pharmaceutical residues, endocrine disruptors, hormones, and contaminants found in bottled, filtered, and tap water sources – AquaViable cleans it even further, using 7 stages of filtering and UV lamps to make it free of impurities and even viruses, creating the purest drinking water on Earth.

Be Water Independent with AquaViable


Filtration System

Five-Stage Purification with an additional Two Stage UV Sterilization

Production Capacity

Our product offerings can make anywhere from 200 to 1300 gallons of premium water a day, depending on your needs.

Storage Capacity

We can accommodate a wide variety of water storage options. This allows you to store the water you make and have extra always on hand.

Gen-M product from Aquaviable