AV-5 Atmospheric Water Generator by Aquaviable

AV-5 Atmospheric Water Generator

Make water from the air inside your own house. 

Drink the cleanest water possible, save money, achieve water independence. 

  • A self contained unit. Plug into your home outlet and start making water without expensive installations.
  • Make 5 gallons/day for less than 20 cents/gallon of pure quality drinking water from the air around you.
  • AV-5 water never touches the ground, plastic or travel thru old contaminated pipes.
  • Never depend on water delivery services, water stations or expensive water filters. 

START CLEANER because your air is free of the toxic metals, pharmaceutical and plastic residues, chlorine, hormones, and other contaminants often found in bottled, filtered, and tap water sources. The AV-5 includes premium 7 stage filter system that ensures the cleanest drinking water possible. 

The AV-5 is designed to last a decade plus. It comes with a standard warranty with minimal maintenance.

Our premium filter systems often only have to be changed out every 2-4 years, compared to under-sink systems that make money by changing out filters every 3-6 months.




Additional Information

Production Capacity: 5 Gallons /Day
Storage Capacity: 3.3 Gallons
Voltage: 110 volts 50/60Hz
Power Draw: 1150W max
Working Temperature: 60℉ <
Working Humidity: 35% <
Weight: 91 lbs
Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 44″
Filtration System: Four Stage Purification + Two Stage UV Sterilization
Noise Level: < 60 dB