AV-300 Atmospheric Water Generator

AV-300 Atmospheric Water Generator

The AV-300 supplies enough daily drinking water for about 600 people.

With AQUAVIABLE SOLUTIONS you START CLEANER because your air is free of the toxic metals, pharmaceutical and plastic residues, chlorine, hormones, and other contaminants often found in bottled, filtered, and tap water sources.

Mimic what nature does – create your own 300 Gallons of pure quality drinking water a day from the humidity in the air. On the spot, premium filtered, and without any outside water pipes or connections.

Additional Information

Production Capacity: 300 Gallons /Day
Storage Capacity: 260 Gallons
Voltage: 380 Volts
Power Draw: 25.4kW max
Working Temperature: 60℉ <
Working Humidity: 35% <
Weight: 4400 lbs
Filtration System: Four Stage Purification + Two Stage UV Sterilization
Noise Level: < 79 dB

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