Why AquaViable?

Premium Quality Drinking Water

Made from the Air at home or the office

Local Water Supply

Good for our environment and your family

Save Time and Money

Stop dealing with wasteful water bottles

AquaViable water never touches the ground and is 10x more pure than premium bottled drinking water. That’s purity that you and your loved ones deserve. Have easy access to your own pure source of water with: Health, Independence, Security, Environment, and Convenience all in mind.


By providing the purest drinking water on Earth, AquaViable improves the health of your family and the world.


No need to worry about what is actually in your water, or from where it originates. AquaViable provides freedom from chemicals, heavy metals, hormones and other contaminants. Make your own water independently, at home today.


Have security in your water source. Never worry about lacking access to safe water with home production. Securely and privately access your own drinking water in your home.


Free yourself from plastic bottles and poor quality water sourced from hundreds of miles away. Be part of The Personal Water Revolution™. Make your own premium drinking water right at home and save the environment at the same time.


Save yourself from trips to the store for bottled water. No more heavy jugs from water delivery trucks or wasteful reverse osmosis systems that push up your water bill. No more constant filter change reminders. Instead make your own premium drinking water on demand.

AquaViable Solutions, Inc.

Independently Healthy®

Mailing Address: 27 W. Anapamu Street, Suite 501, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Email: Info@AquaViable.com