Reliable & Pure Water Everyday From the Air

Our solutions give you independence and freedom. No matter where you want to be or live, AquaViable can provide pure and easily accessible water.

Since our water never touches the ground, it is 10x more pure than what you find in premium bottled water. With AquaViable, have easy access to your OWN source of water with Health, Independence, Security, Environment, and Convenience all in mind.

Premium Quality Drinking Water

Made from the air at home and in your community

Local Water Supply

Good for the environment and your community

Be Independent

Stop dealing with local water restrictions and limitations, be Water Positive.


AquaViable improves the health of families, communities, and the world.


Free yourself from water restrictions and the need to source water from hundreds of miles away. Be part of The Personal Water Revolution™. Make your own premium water in your community and save the environment at the same time.


No more dwindling water sources, delivery trucks or begging neighboring communities for their water allocations. AquaViable gives you the ability to be Water Positive.


No need to worry about water restrictions. AquaViable provides freedom from location and drought conditions by making water from the air. So join us, get your community involved, be Water Positive, and make your own Water from YOUR Air.


Never worry about water again. With AquaViable you get a reliable source of local, safe and pure quality water ready for whatever you may need.

Our Products

Create your own pure water, on the spot, wherever you may be
Gen-M product from Aquaviable

Introducing the GEN-M Pro

  • Produces up to 200 Gallons of pure drinking water per day
  • Perfect for a whole home off-grid water system
  • Solar Ready: Renewable Energy Options Available
  • Make and store your own water with our Irrigation and Storage Solutions Available
AquaViable AV-900 Atmospheric Water Generator

Introducing the Watergen GEN-L

  • Produces up to 1,300 Gallons of premium water each day
  • Solar Ready: Renewable Energy Solutions Available
  • Local Reliable Water Supply: Irrigation and Storage Solutions Available
  • Scalable and Modular Design to quickly meet Municipal Demands
Make Water, Don’t Take Water®!