AV-5 Atmospheric Water Generator

AV-5 Water Generator by AquaViable

Introducing the AV-5 Water Generator – your ultimate solution for pure, premium drinking water! This state-of-the-art water from air generator (AWG) produces an impressive 5 gallons of drinking water each day, right from the air around you! Say goodbye to costly water bills and complicated water systems – with the AV-5, you can create your own high-quality drinking water on the spot, whenever and wherever you need it!

The AV-5 Water Generator is a true game changer for those seeking a more sustainable and cost-effective way to hydrate. With no need for water pipes or connections, this innovative device extracts moisture from the air and converts it into crystal-clear drinking water. The result is a product that not only saves money but also reduces your carbon footprint. So why wait? Invest in the AV-5 Water Generator today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a reliable source of premium drinking water at your fingertips!

Price includes your AV-5: Water Generator, shipping, 3 year warranty with options to extend and set up within our Southern California service area.

For delivery to other areas please email Info@AquaViable.com to learn more.

Additional Information

Production Capacity: 5 Gallons /Day
Storage Capacity: 3.3 Gallons
Voltage: 110 volts 50/60Hz
Power Draw: 1150W max
Working Temperature: 60℉ <
Working Humidity: 35% <
Weight: 91 lbs
Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 44″
Filtration System: Four Stage Purification + Two Stage UV Sterilization
Noise Level: < 60 dB

We are offering a Limited Time Lease-to-Own Special Offer for those based in Southern California.

Looking for a larger water generation capacity? You’re in luck! Take a look at our other offerings where we can customize and scale up the technology to produce anywhere from 60 – 1000+ gallons of pure water a day, depending on your needs, straight from the air.